Gibran's Teleprompter Use in Viral English Speech Ignites DebateTechnology 

Gibran’s Teleprompter Use in Viral English Speech Ignites Debate

On social media, two viral videos have emerged showing Gibran Rakabuming Raka delivering a speech in English. These videos have attracted renewed attention following a challenge from Prabowo’s spokesperson to other presidential and vice-presidential candidates about an English-language debate.

Through Twitter, Dahnil Azhar stated Prabowo-Gibran’s willingness to participate in English debates for presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

Recently, Gibran Rakabuming’s use of a teleprompter during the first session of the Presidential debate went viral. This use of advanced technology in presenting his ideas sparked a mix of support and controversy.

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Source : Video Viral Telepromter yang Dipakai Gibran Saat Pidato dalam Bahasa Inggris

Roy Suryo highlighted the issue in a tweet suggesting Gibran’s use of a teleprompter.

Many sarcastic comments have surfaced regarding the possible use of a teleprompter in official General Elections Commission debates. Roy Suryo, a commentator on issues related to Gibran, now focuses on this sophisticated device.

In his post, Suryo confidently stated Gibran used a teleprompter during the debate. This sparked debate about Gibran’s speaking ability and speech authenticity, stirring political intrigue before the election.

Teleprompters, a tech innovation, make it easier for hosts and speakers. They deliver speeches without memorizing every detail.

These devices display text on a glass screen in front of the speaker, allowing for smooth reading without the need to memorize the entire speech.

The use of teleprompters is widespread, not only in the United States but also in countries like France and Germany, where they are known as prompters or prompteurs.

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